Things Unseen

I realize for all intents and purposes I’m probably a unicorn–a rare occurrence in the world of motherhood. Other than a positive test and growing abdomen, I usually have very few additional pregnancy symptoms. (I know…I’m sorry.)

But this post isn’t about pregnancy or motherhood.

This is about the simple truth that sometimes miracles develop in stealth mode. Growth, can occur nearly undetected and otherwise unseen.

Sometimes God whispers. He sends a little kiss from heaven, a simple yet divine reminder that He is working.

You see friends, miracles are happening even when we don’t “feel” them. I don’t know about you, but the current state of my heart needs to be reminded often that just because I can’t see growth, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening–

Out of fear, my heart craves control, searches for ways monitor my life’s situations. But, control is an illusion.

The truth is that I can’t do a single thing to speed up my life’s journey any more than I can speed the development of a child.

What I can do is hold onto hope. Courageously hope in what I cannot see.

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