Emotion rules


We live in a culture that says , ‘If it feels good do it; if it doesn’t, don’t!’  ‘Do what makes you happy.’   Emotion rules and it cannot be controlled.

One negative experience and the accompanying emotions transform a peaceful day into torrential downpour of doubt, anxiety and frustration.

Untamed anger wields a sword-like  tongue  to slice loved ones into pieces.

Unbridled passion silences the voice of reason and integrity is abandoned in the street.

I confess I’ve let these servants-turned-dictators usurp the throne of my heart.

But they are being overthrown!

I am learning. Emotion is meant to be a gift. I think it is one of the things that distinguish us from the rest of creation.

You see, God feels emotions. Joy. Anger. Compassion. Grief. Even Jealousy.  Longing. However, God never to lets his emotions dictate his decision. You know what  (or i should say Who) always rules? Well…He always rules. He is Truth. Love. Grace.

And so I am learning to weigh my emotions on the scale with Truth. I’m learning to see them through the eyes of Love with a tint of Grace.

And you know what? I get it wrong a lot. In fact, I found myself literally yelling a loved one the other day (yelling like a maniac at a rock concert). Frustration and anger and hurt… I let them take over. … So I stink at this some days.

But you know what else?

Some days, I get it right. These are the days I remember to ask for help. I slow down, put the emotions in their rightful place. When I start looking for Truth, asking to see things through Love and Grace I feel better. (Funny isn’t it–to feel better after applying truth to a feeling?) The anxiety decreases, the frustration diminishes.

I have a lot of work ahead. And I have to keep practicing. Honestly it takes courage to learn a new way to see the world and the Kingdom. (Whats that saying ‘old habits die hard’?)

But it’s worth it. Plus the real King doesn’t really like to share His throne. So if my emotions rule…he won’t rule my heart too. I’d rather have Him in charge of my heart. Wouldn’t you?

What about you? How do you reign in unruly emotions?

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