Delight. It’s a great word. I love the way it sounds. Joyful, happy, not weighed down by burdens or worry. It’s a shame that I don’t use it more often. Most recently I realized I’m missing out on some opportunities to be delight-full.

Let me explain. The other day, after a stressful day of work I managed to get home, get dinner on the table, bathe the munchkins and get them into PJs after chasing them both around their room for quite some time. I was ready for silence and time alone. I was in a hurry to read the shortest bedtime story I could find, pray a quick prayer and rush them to sleep.

The children had a very different idea. They do not like to skip any part of our routine. So that means completing the bedtime prep with time sitting quietly in the rocker together….Doesn’t that sound glorious? Quietly rocking two children to sleep? Just what the doctor ordered ‘eh? I thought so too, except both children got the notion to pretend to be squirrels.

Yes squirrels…during prayer/quiet time.
Seth starts it with a quiet smacking of the lips. When asked what he’s doing he says, ‘Shhhhh mommy! I’m a squirrel.’ Livi thought it hilarious and joined in. I was not amused. I was not delighted. I was cranky and tired and not in the mood for a performance.

Knowing my anxious thoughts, I heard the familiar and kind voice speak to my heart and say, ‘Just give in! Laugh and enjoy the silliness’. Suddenly, a third squirrel could be heard in the tiny bedroom. Seth and Livi giggled. ‘You’re the mommy squirrel and we’re the baby sqirrels eating nuts! ‘ said Seth. And we all belly laughed. The stress from the day melted away. The kids giggled louder as they realized how tickled I was.

I shared this with a friend and she said, “Lonette, your children want to see you delight in them. They want to know they can make you feel joy!”

Wow! What a powerful thought. I think everyone wants to experience being the object of someone’s delight. Don’t you?

You are, you know. You are the delight of Heaven. You have a Father there who thinks you’re ‘the bees knees’. …just in case you didn’t know 🙂

Who brings a smile to your face and a laugh to your belly? Tell them. And take a moment today to be full of delight!

If that person has passed on, take a few minutes to remember a delightful time spent with them. Perhaps you could honor their memory by delighting someone else today.

One way or another…take a breath (impersonate a small furry animal if you need to–go ahead I won’t judge you) and be full of delight!

Until next time,

Be brave dear ones!

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