Why this?

So why Christianity?

I began to think this morning, of all the world religions or even atheism, why Christianity?

Well for starters, believing in nothing is not really an option. I cannot trust my existence or the beauty of everything in nature, the combination of my and my hubby’s DNA to create a unique little human…cannot be left up to chance. There is such great design in the world around me. Doesn’t that mean there must be a Designer?

Secondly, I am selfish. Even though I try to be good and caring, my need to be first, oozes out like a wound in need of a remedy. I am flawed. I cannot provide myself or anyone else with the remedy to cure selfishness. I cannot be good. I cannot be god.

I think everyone I’ve ever met has some question or fear about what happens after death. Many philosophers and religious people have come up with theories. I don’t know of any of them that died and lived to tell about it so that crosses all of the other religions out.

I know of only One who creates things and people out of nothing! I know of only who One who can remedy the selfishness and sin in the world. I know of only one answer to the fear of death and being forever separated from our earthly experience.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about him. Unfortunately, because many of us just know about Him…we don’t look much like Him. And I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry if you’re one of the ones that has been hurt by those who say they follow Him but don’t live or love much like Him. He’s sorry for that too. Please don’t judge Him because of how badly we’ve portrayed Him.

You know what’s changed for me? I getting to KNOW HIM. I’ve talked with him and he talks back (I know it sounds crazy :). He’s transformed my life, my friendships. Each day he leads me down this new path…a path that opens my eyes to the beauty of who He is in His creation, His personality. The path leads me away from selfishness (sin) and toward selflessness. The path shows me that I’m dying a bit every day. Dying to my own way. A path that takes courage to pursue and yet at the same He produces courage in me as I walk with Him. Day by day he makes me brave enough to face death so that I can truly learn to live.

His name is Jesus. He is the most loving, most courageous, radical truthful Man I’ve ever met. He is not docile. He is strong and fearless and will fight for those that belong to Him. He was willing to lay His life down for me so that I could know Him (not about Him) and be His friend. He fought for me. He stands up for me. He fights for you and will stand up for you.

He is the Easter story (sans the chocolate and bunnies)! The story of a man who is God. He is Love. Love’s story is a story of war. The story of how Love engages in battle to win the heart of the beloved. You are the beloved.

Wanna get to know Him? Want to know Love? It’s the journey of a lifetime…one that will take all of eternity. Be brave dear one. Whisper a yes. I promise, you won’t regret it!

(If decide to say “yes” for the first time, or if you’ve known about Him but you want to know him, feel free to send me an email (lonettebaity@gmail.com). I’d love to encourage you and help you find some other folks near you who are on the journey too.)

2 thoughts on “Why this?

  1. krispyriceqt says:

    You are a courageous woman, dear friend! Your words encourage me to step out of myself and offer life to others, not just keep it for myself!


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