Enter Here


Once upon a time, I was the girl with a silent heart. I muzzled, stuffed and locked my emotions into a soundproof room somewhere in the dark places of my heart. The feelings that were tidy and quiet, were allowed to roam freely, but the ones that threatened to cause a real raucous were locked away.

After listening to the wise guidance of mentors in The Faith, I’ve slowly allowed the Lord to soften my heart, giving it room to breathe, treating it tenderly and more carefully.

More recently, as I’ve entered a more difficult season of life, my head whispered firmly to my heart, “Keep it together” and “Now’s isn’t the time.”

The more I silenced my heart, the less I was able to hear the Lord’s voice and feel his presence.

As I questioned the Lord about his absence, he reminded me that it is often through the eyes of the human heart that he reveals his glory and goodness. To ignore the feelings and longings placed within, is to disconnect from the conduit of his presence and peace.

The heart must have a voice in order to heal.

With that truth, I take courage. I find that the shattered heart is holy ground. For it is here that I encounter the goodness and glory of the God who is close to the brokenhearted.

There is strength and grace and fellowship here, in the brokenness.

Be brave, dear one. Maybe for you, it is not grief. Perhaps you are afraid of entering into a season of joy.

Either way, take a step. Enter in. You won’t be alone. He is there… waiting.

2 thoughts on “Enter Here

  1. kim dent says:

    beautiful words from a beautiful friend. “There is strength and grace and fellowship here, in the brokenness.” This is so very true.


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