Never left behind

My favorite part of the day is picking up the munchkins from pre-school. They always greet me with squeals and cheers and the kind of hugs that melt away the stress of the day almost instantly. It’s a treat for the triumphant…a welcoming of the weary. The three-year old usually notices me first and he takes off running and his 1-year-old sister is never far behind.

Eventually, I have both kids on both hips and I am covered in kisses and sometimes snot (yeah, it just goes with the territory)… Did I mention it’s my favorite part of the day?

Well earlier this week, I walked through the door and something a little different happened.

Seth was preoccupied with a toy when I arrived but as soon as Livi saw me she took off (on her tip toes) to meet me. When she realized her brother wasn’t behind her, she stopped short of my embrace,  turned around and went back for him.  She grabbed him by the hand and yelled “Set”. Her voice jolted him from his trance and off they ran to greet me. She refused to leave her big bro behind.

A passage of scripture popped into my mind. In Exodus, God tells Moses two stones with the names of the 12 sons of Israel, then fasten the stones to his clothing. Why? So that each time Aaron entered God’s presence, he took his brothers with him. Selfishness in worship was never an option.

Jesus does the same. The book of Romans tells us He is sitting at the right hand of the Father, making intercession for us. He is our Great High Priest.

The thought is comforting and slightly uncomfortable when I consider my own prayer life.
How often do I leave others behind?

Sure, I pray for those in my circle: me, my four and a maybe a few more. But how often do I pray for the widows and orphans, the persecuted, the imprisoned, the lost? How often do I seek them out to encourage and uplift, to bear their burdens before the Father?

Self-centeredness in worship was never an option for the priest. It isn’t an option for Jesus. If I am to be like Him, it shouldn’t be for me either.

Maybe it’s time to widen the circle a bit.

For the next few weeks I’m going to be brave, do a little research and pray for some groups of people I don’t know personally. If you want to join or you have specific names, feel free to add them to the comments!

The persecuted church.
Missionaries all over the world.
The lost (pre-christians 🙂
The elderly with no one to care for them
The orphans and the widows.
Those in prison

2 thoughts on “Never left behind

  1. krispyriceqt says:

    Let’s pray for the youth everywhere who are losing their identity and ‘dying’ to who discover they are! One of my granddaughter’s has declared herself to be ‘transgender’ and has lost one precious friend to suicide because she was so desperately confused. It is a growing crisis with our young people.

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